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The Dream Of Reptilian Playground Is Alive in Burr Ridge

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Want your millions to go far? Enjoy large ceramic reptiles? Your perfect storm has descended on the southwestern 'burb of Burr Ridge. $1.3M gets you a Shire-like 5,500 square foot house with undulating wood shingles (photographic access denied), a secondary structure, and two-and-half-acres of manicured lawns, ponds and streams. Sprinkled throughout this magical landscape are alligators, tortoises, and even a beached sea turtle. Diverse as it is, should you find the acreage inadequate other lots are available — totaling nine acres — which were briefly lumped together in an April listing for $4M. Also contained within the smaller grounds are footbridges, a gazebo with swinging bench, and an all-weather shelter. The property is across from the Ruth Lake Country Club, so the air is really, surely full of fantasy.
·Listing: 6100 S Madison St., Burr Ridge [Coldwell Banker]