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1880s Hyde Park Home With Twin Turrets Gets $1.725M

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A grand home in a park- and lake-proximate corner of Hyde Park has just sold for $1.725M — $525K below the initial early 2011 ask but still high enough to turn heads. "Built for the magic of the Columbian Exposition" is a nice thought and all, but the home was completed at least five years before planning began for the White City — and its widespread tangential development. Measuring about 6,000 square feet with six bedrooms, there's considerable value for the new owner, particularly when you weigh the renovated interiors cast in hardwood with brick fireplaces, leaded windows, and vintage lighting. There's also the advantage of heated floors, a wildly over-built kitchen, and a master suite with walk-in closet and jacuzzi. And if the yard wasn't cutesy enough, check out the cottage-styled kids' playhouse parked at back. Nice get.
·Listing: 5522 S Hyde Park Blvd. [MetroPro Realty]