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For $5M: Quick Reposting of Huge 4-Bed at Lincoln Park 2550

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This 13th-floor whopper at the new Lincoln Park 2550 was purchased at the end of February for $4.16M and put back on the market two weeks later for $4.995M. That's one frantic flip. This luxury condo development is, by some accounts, becoming flip city. But it doesn't look like this unit is part of any investor's portfolio (comprised of smaller, cheaper units). Weighing in at 5,175 square feet, this is among the tower's largest spaces and would probably be pushing eight-figures if it perched among the penthouses. It's doubtful anyone has lived here yet, with its crisp and characterless finishes. Five mil is a lot, but this is also a lot of park-front real estate with three terrace, lake views, and in a full amenity building.
·Listing: 2550 N Lakeview Ave. Unit S-1306 [Baird & Warner]

Lincoln Park 2520

2520 North Lakeview Avenue, Chicago, IL 60614 Visit Website