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Cubbies Render Their Vision For Jumbotron, Plaza & More

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New 6,000-square-foot Jumbotron
New 6,000-square-foot Jumbotron

The Cubs have produced a new set of renderings to buttress the $500M "framework agreement" struck with the city in April. They're not replacing the well-circulated collection of interior renovation mock-ups, just adding some bigger ticket items. Firstly, the Wrigley jumbotron that won conditional support from the city has been rendered. It's big, but it looks like it may steer clear of Wrigley rooftop sightlines. Plunked down at the site of the existing Toyota sign in left field, the 6,000 square-foot video board will sit between two Rooftop operations with little direct blockage (although sharp angled views may be compromised). On the right field side, a 1,000 square-foot ad sign will brush up against bleachers, tauntingly close to Rooftop owners without being a total obstruction. Naturally, generic scribing like "Wrigley Field" and "Chicago Cubs Charities" are placeholders for money-making ads.

Outside the park, an all around beefing up of revenue generators has taken the shape of a rebuilt Captain Morgan Club by the main Addison entrance, and a 175-room Sheraton Hotel in partnership with the Ricketts family. Nothing says 'mutual benefit' like a hotel designed to echo the fabric of Wrigley Field (in bricks and roof design). A silly pedestrian bridge will connect the hotel to a new Triangle Plaza and Cubs office building — because Clark Street is such a superhighway. Yeah, right. The plaza will host non-baseball uses from time to time, like farmer's markets, ice skating, and outdoor movies. According to Crain's the Cubs are filing a Planned Development application today and will haul their plan before various city committees starting in early June, with hopes of full council approval by July.
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