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Loft Condo Built From Three Stacked Units Lists for $500K

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The first factory-to-loft condo conversion in the city happened at the historic Donohue building at 711 S Dearborn. The 10-story building was designed by Julius Speyer in 1883 and converted in 1979. It's hard to go wrong with the hardy features common to all units: timber beams, ceilings, and floors; thick brick walls; and tall windows. And then there's this joint, distinguished by its integration of three stacked one-bed units as a single building-topping triplex. The bank-owned home measures 2,400 square feet. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in at least two rooms aid and abet the bibliophile, but the crowning quirk is between the ceiling-hung planters and an "architecturally inventive" staircase. And it's rare to get a second kitchen, particularly in a three-bed loft. The initial ask? $500K.
·Listing: 711 S Dearborn St. #808 [The Margie Smigel Goup]