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A Modern River West Duplex For Shaking Up That Lifestyle

A small but flashy prelude to the River West condo crush that portended The Mondial's big fail, this 1988 modern loft building had no trouble keeping its condos. You're looking at the building's penthouse duplex, an "architectural stunner with drama and charm." Can the same be said for your current abode? Maybe it can, such regard isn't foreign to brokerdom. The 3/3 unit's prime draw is the 22-foot atrium with windows of matching height, sporting a living space and an open kitchen. A catwalk crosses overhead and a spiral staircase and designer fireplace further the showcase qualities. A large roof deck is attached to this central space. High concrete ceilings and a general simplicity characterize the remaining rooms. New-to-market, the ask is $769K. "Wired for sound and ready for a very special lifestyle." In other words, it's time to update your soundtrack.
·Listing: 939 W Huron St. #305 [Jameson Sotheby's]