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New Renderings of LP Walgreens Store Ruffle Some Feathers

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Much-anticipated renderings of the new Lincoln Park Walgreens, planned for Armitage and Dayton, have finally hit the scene. And reaction among area residents and business owners to the three-story glass and concrete structure has been decidedly negative, according to DNAinfo. Their chief beef: the modern building doesn't jibe with the character of the nearby Armitage-Halsted District. "It is just so contemporary. I think they could have done [something] to assimilate [it] into the neighborhood," local resident Kristi Nuelle told DNAinfo. Want to share your feedback? A community meeting is scheduled on Monday, April 8th, from 6:30 to 8pm at 2050 N. Fremont St.
·Armitage Walgreens Photos Released, Neighbors Outraged [DNAInfo]