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Modified Condo Plan for Green & Jackson Greets West Loopers

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The prospective condo development at Green & Jackson that Curbed blogged about a couple weeks ago has went before the community with a bevy of tweaks. Painted earlier in the month as a 40-unit, six-story complex of side-by-side buildings with three- and four-bed condos and 40 parking spaces, the complexion has changed to an almost-unrecognizable 60 units, nine stories, and 200 parking spaces. The surge in parking surely represents an extension of the olive branch to neighbors, as half will be reserved for outside users.

The Chicago Architecture Blog's Bill Motchan made last night's Near West Side community meeting, wherein architect Ron Vari, Jr., of R. Vari And Associates and John A. Fritchey of F4 Consulting outlined the bulked up and densified version of the proposal. There was some unease among residents in attendance when pondering what further unexpected changes might surface, but the presenters claimed the upsizing was a result of community consultation and only came as a surprise because the meeting notice was released with older specs. To regain trust, Fritchey offered commitment to a restrictive covenant holding the development to what's been proposed. Some residents maintained support for the nature of the project, part of a tide of smaller condo developments, and praised the family-sized units. Square footage will begin at around 1,800 with prices at $600,000+. Don't expect quick action — another meeting is pending with the approval process to follow.
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