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Brace Yourself For Summer's Spontaneous Interventions

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Millennium Park will be getting much more lively very soon, as it does every Spring. And it doesn't hurt that late May will welcome Spontaneous Interventions: Design Actions for the Common Good to the park and to Chicago. Organized by Cathy Lang Ho on behalf of the Institute of Urban Design, Spontaneous Interventions will feature 84 urban interventions of which more than a dozen will belong to Architects, designers, planners, artists and residents from Chicago. Of those, one will be an invention of MAS Studio, a talented Architecture and Urban Design firm located in Wicker Park. According to Iker Gil, director of MAS Studio:

MAS Studio is working on a pop-up 'outdoor living room' to be installed in Millennium Park as part of Spontaneous Interventions. The exhibition — the official U.S. presentation at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale (2012) — can be found in the ground-floor galleries of the Chicago Cultural Center from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The pop-up space, designed by Iker Gil, Andrew Obendorf, Julie Michiels and Andrew Clark, will serve as an outpost for the exhibition and a venue for exhibition-related programs, including talks, panels, tours, workshops and more. The pop-up space is defined by a wood structure and canopy formed by more than 700 moving acrylic panels of six colors, referring to the colors and panels of the main exhibition. The goal is to create an open and playful space that continuously changes as the light and wind conditions on the site change.

For the seating in the pop-up space, we are collaborating with talented local artist / woodworker John Preus of Dilettante Studios who will create seating made of salvaged lumber.

Sounds like a fine complement to the organic quality of the long-loop video projections at Crown Fountain, with its rolodex of Chicagoans. Enjoy the debut of the first images of MAS Studio's 'outdoor living room'!
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—Conrad Jacob Szajna