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Topped Out But Still Featureless, 1611 W Division Rolls Along

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It's been a healthy four months since Curbed updated the construction gallery for 1611 W Division (aka "Tower of Pizza Hut"), even though we pass by The Polish Triangle's game-changer all the time. An attention-grabber by virtue of its contributions to density and aesthetics for a long-suffering intersection, it's also noteworthy for delivering 99 apartments and no new parking. 15 surface spaces will be reserved for visitors, but a new supply was shunned by developer Rob Buono and the East Village and Wicker Park communities. That's what has all us urbanists in a tizzy. The building, designed by Wheeler Kearns Architects, has reached its 11-story height and is beginning to take on cladding. Another month or two and this one will be in the books. Commercial anchors include Intelligentsia Coffee and a PNC Bank branch. The second floor will house office and artist studio space, with the remaining floors accommodating 11 units apiece. Early indications are that rents for studios to two-beds will begin at around $1,000 and climb to $2,600.
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