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Developer John O'Donnell is wrestling with Ald. Brendan Reilly over public riverfront access pertaining to O'Donnell's plan for a 1.2M sf office tower at 150 N. Riverside Plaza. The plan, still in early incubation, would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with River Point, now underway. Ald. Reilly is non-plussed about the public aspect, as O'Donnell wants the city to donate an adjacent parcel that would be absorbed into the project without providing easy access to the river. O'Donnell stresses that he's not pursuing TIFs, but Ald. Reilly maintains there must be "a public benefit". The parcel allows O'Donnell to build at the proposed scale, so Ald. Reilly holds the Ace. Numerous meetings await in which to shape something agreeable. [Crain's, previously]