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No Movement On Deluxe Townhouse at The Fordham w/ Home Theater, Stone Floors

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Sure, you could get a very pricey 50th floor condo at The Fordham with city-topping views. But why not opt for one of the development's six peculiar "townhouses" with "mammoth" rooms, fancy stone floors, and half the square footage (still a respectable 3,500) for less than one-third of the price? Okay, this makes for an absurd direct comparison but one thing both properties have in common is their inability to find a buyer after many moons on the market. In this case, the 3/3.5 townhouse has been available for a steady $2.229M since June 2011. Built around an 11th-floor sun deck, the townhouse gives off a freestanding aura. It has outdoor space for entertaining, a balcony, three levels, high ceilings, and a private elevator connecting the unit to its 2-car garage. Other spoils include a home theater, wet bar, two fireplaces, and a goofy master bath flaunting the seller's taste for busts of dead philosophers. Could it be prospective buyers are just waiting for the price to budge?
·Listing: 25 E Superior St. Unit 11C [Coldwell Banker]