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Gaudy New-Build Manages Theater, Hot Tub, & B-Ball Court

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Here's one of those bloated new-builds that brings a fortress-like demeanor to a calm and leafy Lakeview block. The hard facade is punctuated by a front-loading sunken garage rather than the standard alley access — we've always felt one of Chicago's great luxuries is being able to stroll down the sidewalk without concern for driveway activity. Contextual issues aside, the five-bed has a wealth of spiffy amenities that go to the mat for the listing. First and foremost is the proper half-court basketball facility built into the backyard. Secondly, there's a rooftop deck with hot tub. We won't bother to rank the other stuff: library, billiards room, theater, and an outdoor fireplace. Selling in 2010 for $2.625M, the new ask is $3.3M.
·Listing: 3830 N Wayne Ave. [Chicago Home Estates, Inc.]