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Cornerspotted: Huron & St. Clair, Predestined For NU Parking

Parking garages are a tricky subject for cornerspotting since most of us glaze over their presence on a daily basis. So kudos to the anonymous guest (or guests?) who pinpointed the site correctly: 210 E Huron Street. The double ramp structure was built in the early 1950s and demolished in 1975, according to Forgotten Chicago's roundup of early municipal garages. And get this: it was designed by famed architects Holabird, Root & Burgee. Two three-story parking structures flank a central surface lot, itself protected from frightful hoards of pedestrians by a solid eight-foot serpentine wall. Strange, but still more interesting than the conventional multi-story Northwestern University garage that replaced it, severed from the street by skywalks to adjacent medical buildings.
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