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Northerly Island Poll Results

Our reader poll seeking to measure public interest in specific feature components of Northerly Island, present and planned, has closed. We asked readers to select their favorite core feature from a list of nine. Obviously most everyone would hold preference for more than one, but our interest was in prioritization. Of the 400+ votes cast, a pretty good balance emerged between a few park features: Charter One Pavilion (81), Barrier Islands (75), Prairie Habitat (65), and Lagoon (52). Forest, Camping, Beach, "Educational Ecosystems", and Ice Rink didn't register as much enthusiasm. Naturally, some folks submitted to the comments their desire for a reestablished airport. As unscientific as a Curbed poll is (pretty damn unscientific), it's at least nice to imagine that the public's primary recreational interests for Northerly Island are also those of the pending Studio Gang makeover. [previously]