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South Loop Condo, Cluttered Realm Of Marilyn, Gets $1.075M

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This Michigan Avenue condo is a textbook example of how to clutter a 4,300-square-foot dwelling with fabulousness. There's such an amassing of art, bedazzled antiques, and vintage furniture that one would hardly say they compete. They merge in a tidal wave of busyness. And when the artifacts and collectibles run thin, hallucinogenic wallpaper picks up the slack, addressing not only walls but ceilings. The kitchen may have a porcelain rabbit or two, but it's notable for its lack of flourishes. The diverse art collection is attributed to owner Michele Vasarely, daughter-in-law of the late Hungarian-French artist Victor Vasarely. Things are starting to make sense — Vasarely was a pioneer of optical art, an aesthetic that plays a big role in this household. Fascinating as this four-bed condo is, art and furniture don't typically come with a sale. That doesn't mean they have no influence on marketability. In this case, we wonder whether the influence was favorable. First asking $1.49M at the start of 2011, the closing price was $1.075M.
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