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Here Now, A Head-On of Luxury Apt Plan at 1850 W Chicago

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A venture of Fifields, father and son, has closed on the purchase of empty parcels at 1822-1850 W Chicago Avenue for $2.6M. A small luxury apartment development is coming to the site, formerly the front-runner for hosting a hipster bowling/music venue. We've chattered about the plan before, rendered in profile. Now, Crain's is delivering a head-on shot of what's expected: a routine glass and steel design for 48 units (up from 39) in three four-story buildings — two built by Steven Fifield, one by son Chris. There will be a total of 9,000 square feet of retail. "This was an effort by us to move luxury product into an emerging neighborhood," said Steven. There already exist several newer developments approaching this scale in the East Village and Noble Square sections of Chicago Avenue. Grand also has a couple, and Division is chock full. It's true, however, that this particular block can use the intensification.
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