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Lakefront Duplex Condo w/ Private Roof Rights Asks $495K

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Good value is endemic to this Streeterville loft building, which offers at least one wickedly priced Under $300K option. Today's get is a 1,580-square-foot one-bed with second bedroom possibilities. That lofted space is presently used as an office/den. The unit could have more floor space, but the owner and/or designer opted for a partial second floor and wide open living spaces with what we'd guess is a minimum 25-foot ceiling height. Not a bad tradeoff. The space is further characterized by exposed brick, newer kitchen, timber ceilings, large master bedroom, spiral staircase, floating grand staircase, and direct roof access. You'll need that when building out your private 700-square foot roof deck, one of only three building units with such a privilege. Listing in February, the ask stands at $495K.
·Listing: 540 N Lake Shore Drive #710 [Streeterville Properties]