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'Ultimate Definition of Minimalistic Architecture' Asks A Not-So-Minimal $9.5M

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Out in Hinsdale, an suburb hemorrhaging mansions, this 12,000-square-foot contempo has just listed for $9.5M. The bracket-shaped, all-white and mostly-transparent home is riotously minimalistic, perhaps even the "ultimate definition of...". Highly constricted use of materials meet unwound amenities: everything from pool and putting green to wine cellar and a room for golf simulation. The photos don't penetrate far into the mansion's interior— we aren't supplied with any looks of the second floor and its five bedrooms. Ditto the finished lower level. But the exterior sure is striking in different lights. Several mansions join this one in access to a private pond. With its material selections and smart home technology, "nothing was spared in environmental sensitivity," continues the listing. Oh, except for all that free and open land.
·Listing: 900 S Elm Street [@properties]