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Two Show-Stopping Vintage Homes Offer Unlikely Amenities

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A pair of powerful Centenarian homes, each of gigantic proportions, have just listed on the North Side. The first, by photo sequence above, is the member of the masterful and historic McCormick Row House District, built in the mid-1880s and now surrounded by the DePaul campus. With many original details intact, the sale offers 5,500 square feet of living space, six beds, five-and-a-half baths, fireplaces, stained glass, finished basement, and a newer kitchen with sunroom. At the end of a row, the property has space for side and back yards. And in this special case, a miniature hockey rink. The ask: $2.35M.

The second home is a 7/7 Gold Coast trophy home once owned by the prominent late attorney Ralph M. Shaw. With a prime North State Parkway address, it measures 7,600 square feet across four floors with another 1,200 usable square feet in the partially finished basement. The home hasn't held on to quite as many vintage features as the Belden Ave one has but they're present in places, obscured by the uniform light-yellow paint job. For better of worse, modern flourishes impact some of the secondary living spaces: a '70s-like sunken fireplace with carpeted floors; lofted level with skylights; marbly master bathroom, and, of course, a pro-grade yoga studio. Listed in 2007-08 for a hair under $5M, the home hasn't changed hands since 1984 and is now asking $4.5M.
·Listing: 832 W Belden Ave. [Prudential Rubloff]
·Listing: 1427 N State Pkwy [Baird & Warner]