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Rental Infographic Offers Glance At North Side & Central One-Bed Pricing

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Here's a little one-bed median rent snapshot to perhaps roll into your apartment search materials. The fairly new rental search site Zumper is behind it, and they offered Curbed a sneak peek. The site has generated similar infographics for other cities using average rents, but the median is more useful in a neighborhood-by-neighborhood approach — particularly when Zumper's available one-bed data points for, say, all of West Town (incl. Wicker Park, Bucktown, and Noble Square) total just 43. Zumper culls its rental listings from "direct partnerships with leading landlords, brokers and property managers," and inventory is "updated in real time". In other words, the inventory (and thus the data) is curated — though in doing so, Zumper claims to be purging Craigslist-like spam. Don't be surprised if prices skew a bit high. Also, the neighborhood categorizations could stand to be a little more nuanced, data-wise. Certainly, you get your ballpark comparative view of central Chicago one-bed rents. But that's about it.
·Zumper [Official]