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Cornerspotted: Wells & Randolph, Former Site of Briggs House

Curbed's cornerspotting population did it again. The corner in question is Wells & Randolph and the archival photo addresses the second Briggs House (1873-1928). Curbed commenter jonchgo summed up the site's history just as well as we're about to. Basically, architect John Van Osdel built the first Briggs House in 1856 as a high-end hotel. Abraham Lincoln and staff reportedly used the facility while campaigning in 1859-60. Van Osdel also build the second Briggs immediately following the Fire. In 1928 the building was razed to make way for the Gothic Skyscraper referred to variously as the Steuben Club Building, the Randolph Tower, Randolph Tower City Apartments, or just 188 W Randolph. This one's here for the long haul.
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Randolph Towers

188 Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60606 Visit Website