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Live/Work Timber Loft With Nifty Partitions Asks $719K

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There's a little enclave of charming homes and loft conversions wedged between Grand, Ogden, Racine, and the Kennedy well served by Italian grocers and fun bars. There's usually not much real estate to showcase from this sector, so this exceptional live/work loft is a welcome sight. The combination of two side-by-side 1,600 square foot units made for the ideal at-home office scenario — living facilities to one side, cluster of office to the other. And that's one of the cooler aspects — the partitioning of offices behind transparent iron curtains, all served by a common workspace, kitchenette, and bathroom. The layout of the living space essentially mirrors the office space and the whole package enjoys high ceilings, exposed brick, and broad windows. How much? $719K.
·Listing: 1147 W Ohio St. #502-503 [Coldwell Banker]