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Double Lot Curiosity w/ Interior Fit For B-Ball Asks $1.55M

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West Town doesn't get too many million dollar listings — high six-figures, sure, but a $1.55M home better offer grandeur and a stupid amount of space. This double-lot five-bed more-or-less qualifies. It's a little shaky in the grandeur department since the exterior is ordinary and the interiors sterilized. The best things going are the linear open kitchen with an island and stool seating, and the 20-foot family room with enough clearance for basketball, "kids sports", or a salon-style gallery. The developed outdoor spaces are a helluva find, too: a rooftop terrace and a large patio with trees, "ample urban gardens", and a hot tub. Square footage comes in at 6,000.
·Listing: 2032 W Ohio St. [@properties]