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West Loop Timber Loft Applies Cedar Rambunctiously

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Much of this gleaming West Loop duplex loft is cast in hickory and cedar, with the requisite exposed brick and ductwork. Satisfying as it all is, the shakeup occurs in the master bathroom where cedar has been allowed to blanket the floor and jacuzzi tub. A mint green mosaic wall joins in, as does a jangle of low hanging pipes and ducts. Provisions for bodily maintenance are divided into three compartment spaces, announced by a brawny brick archway (see pics here). There's also a steam room and an open shower with "rain dome". The 2/2 unit logs 1,450 square feet and this is its fifth time on the market in as many years. The ask: $395K.
·Listing: 331 S Peoria St. #103 [Conlon]