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City Taking Bids For John Raber House, A Slumped Landmark

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Curbed heard it from YoChicago that the historic and landmarked John Raber House at 5760 S Lafayette Avenue is up for sale by bid. The city owns the structurally-improved (roof, facade) but abused house, which dates to shortly before the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Joe Zekas reminds that the late preservationist Bill Lavicka had aspirations for converting the grounds into an urban vineyard considering how desolate and destroyed surrounding lots had become. The Italianate house may never have been upheld for its architectural merits, apart from that snazzy cupola and widow's walk. Its early allure stemmed from the home's lavish grounds, once rivaling a country estate with pebble walks, hedges, and small ponds dispersed across six acres. All but the house's standard lot was lost to partitioning and urban growth. The place is a wreck, as these additional photos attest to. And since there's no minimum bid or even a suggestion, your valuation is as good as ours.
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