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Well-Kept Pullman Row Home w/ Backyard Asks Just $128K

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This 1881 Pullman row home, a member of the historic company town, has just hit the market for $128K. Fact is, that's the going rate for these classics. There are several varieties of row home represented in the district, but the sizes mostly match up (excepting the "executive mansions", one of which was recently listed for only $190K). The largest distinction among Pullman's historic homes is whether or not they're in sad shape. Luckily this one is in tip top condition, with restored original woodwork and doors, a formal dining room, vintage windows and hardwood floors, and a 2011 furnace. The 1,064-square-foot 2-bed forgoes a garage for a larger backyard — not everyone's ideal, but an advantage for the green thumb.
·Listing: 11248 S Champlain Ave. [Coldwell Banker]