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Famed Stainless Steel Apartment Lists Atop Mies' 860 LSD

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New-to-market is the only duplex in Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe's 860 North Lake Shore Drive. "Featured in over 15 publications" and the past winner of AIA's Apartment of the Year, the 3,400-square-foot co-op is known simply as The Stainless Steel Apartment. The configuration of the space and its steel outfitting is credited to Krueck+Sexton Architects who worked from their client's desire for a "minimally furnished and dynamically detailed space that would reflect and extend the architecture of this classic building," according to the architect's description. Chief among the new embellishments is the floating steel staircase. Steel railings and colored steel cabinets extend the motif through the unit. But that's just the beginning: glass is used in flooring and paneling; "flame-cut" granite baths work to great effect; and high ceilings and awesome south and east views do some lifting as well. Mies or no Mies, this is one case where the listing agent may gush without repercussions. The ask? $1.95M with a nasty assessment of $5,495/month.
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