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Neighborhood Map Rendered in Donkey Kong's Kingdom

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Robert Bacon, standup comic and blogger for Chicago Now, has a penchant for putting staid local maps and iconic 8-bit video game rubrics into the blender together and pulling out marvelously amusing hybrid map designs. The first, done out of shear boredom and curiosity, was a CTA map rendered in the world of Super Mario 3. That map vent viral, so we're thinking this latest endeavor — a Donkey Kong Neighborhood Map — was made with a degree of editorial prodding. We're not sure if Bacon's the first to do the Donkey Kong treatment, but signs point to yes. It isn't a complete neighborhood map, and it's not the standard Community Area map either. As Bacon tells it, he formed the map by consulting "the most commonly reoccurring boarders[sic] and made some slight changes to fit the Donkey Kong pixel art style." As before, the result is pure bliss.
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