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For $380K: Two-Bed Lakeview Condo Crams In Loft Levels

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The small loft building at 1000 W Diversey hosts some of the zaniest dwellings around, in layout and look. This third-floor two-bed unit hasn't received the pastel treatment (...yet), but it's got the goofy fireplace down to a science. Throw in some spacial clutter in the form of cramped loft levels and this abode has managed to negate its largest natural asset — high ceilings. At least there are a couple of full-height openings to relieve the congestion. The living room with aforementioned fireplace and curvy walls in one such space. The lofted bedrooms look like fun places to visit, but you might not want to linger. The 1,800-square-foot unit's open kitchen, spiral staircase, and sharp-looking bathrooms are highlights. As is the asking price: $379,900 to live at the high voltage intersection of Lakeview and Lincoln Park.
·Listing: 1000 W Diversey Pkwy #3A [33 Realty]