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For $3.125M: Extraordinarily Nice GC Vintage Town House

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If by "best Gold Coast block" the listing agent means "most expensive and exclusive," he wouldn't be far off. Then again, there are many contenders in that respect. As wealthy and picturesque as life can be on Dearborn south of North Ave, the street endured an invasion of high-rises in the 60s and 70s. This huge 1886 brick town home has the misfortune of being snuggled up to one. Otherwise, the property is downright perfect: grandiose facade; marble floors; inlaid wood floors; high ceilings; French doors; chandeliers; eat-in chef's kitchen; lower level game room and library; full-floor master suite with terrace; backyard; and — not to be taken for granted in these parts — a 2.5-car garage. Listing last June for $3.595M, the ask has taken a graceful slide to $3.125M.
·Listing: 1534 N Dearborn Pkwy [Jameson Sotheby's]