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Sketching the Boutique Office Tower Planned for 645 W Madison

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'Boutique' is relative. But when a certain developer (Hines Interests) is breaking ground on the largest office tower in years (River Point) in a city that clamors for ever-taller office towers, a 20-story downtown development is downright petite. The building will cover about half of a two-acre vacant parcel at Madison & Des Plaines. The other half, we understand, still belongs to MR Properties which may or may not have interest in a hotel plan down the road. The architect is unknown to us, but it's probably not SCB as in a previous iteration. In between office conceptions was a brief discussion of a residential plan for 645 W Madison, until Hines stepped in last summer. 'Boutique' may be catching on, evidenced by another modest concept floated two weeks for the corner of Randolph & Wells — which now looks more legit than it did on April Fools Day. Hat tip: who else but Spyguy at Skyscraper Page?
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