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Koo & Associates Outs the Out Hotel at Halsted & Roscoe

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The 112-room hotel planned for the 3300 block of North Halsted now has a rendering, courtesy of Koo & Associates. The 'gay boutique' Out Hotel, already established in NYC, will resolve itself as a ten-story glass building bordering the Sidetrack club. The development cleaves closely to the NYC design, with an enclosed atrium, full spa and gym, rooftop bar, and restaurant and retail space. We had previously reported on Tuesday that the Sherman-Williams parking lot had a chance at hosting the project, but it looks like it'll land mid-block in place of a single-story building and the structure that houses Minibar (the popular venue will be absorbed into the hotel). The design has some niftiness to it, especially in the way its massing is inverted and pocked with randomly occurring balconies. The neighborhood's reaction should be a real treat. Tip-'o-the-hat to Spyguy at Skyscraper Page.
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