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Cornerspotted: Halsted & 63rd, From Business Hub to Dead Zone

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Yes, it's true — another tale of South Side woe has made the pages of Curbed. Almost everyone guessed the intersection correctly as Halsted & 63rd, right near the Green Line. The intersection and surrounding cleared blocks are too far gone for good transit connections to make any difference. As many observant readers have pointed out, a complex web of deindustrialization, racist public policies, the war on drugs, and FHA meddling are largely to blame for the persistent blight suffocating whole sides of Chicago. There's probably no South Side intersection that better evidences such a radical downward turn as this one. Note: racist remarks posted to this site will be deleted as soon as they're discovered. Find a better use of your time. For everyone else, thanks for playing!
·Hint: A Completely Extinguished South Side Streetscape [Curbed Chicago]