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Le Baron Jenney-Designed 1881 Victorian Lists for $1.5M

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The consensus 'father of the American skyscraper' William Le Baron Jenney didn't just erect engineering marvels. He often took regular single-family residence commissions, as well as making a name in park design and town planning. One of the chief architects of the master-planned transit 'burb of Riverside, Jenney designed some of the village's civic buildings and numerous private homes including one for himself (since burned down). One of the truly great works is the Clarence Cross Residence at 144 Scottswood Road. And wouldn't you know it... the 7/5 home and its ornate coach house are up for sale.

Somehow, the 1881 landmark home has had only three owners in its lifetime. An "excellent representation of Eastlake Victorian style," the 4,500-square-foot house has a screened wrap-around porch (which was once accessed via a porte-cochere in the age of the coach, but now dispenses with such thrills). The interiors are riddled with intricate woodwork, wainscoting, seven fireplaces, built-ins, newer kitchen with bar, and stained glass windows with a sun motif. Asking $1.5M, the purchase price includes the large original coach house and a large park-like lot. Not your everyday find.
·Listing: 144 Scottswood Road [Gaslight Realty]