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Show Off Your Writing Chops As A Curbed Chi Contributor!

No foolin', Curbed Chicago is now hiring part-time contributors who love the city and do well to keep up with local happenings. The freelance job would require you to come up with features that are in line with our categories, like looking after major construction projects and chasing gentrification all over town. Your posts could deal with architecture, public works, big transit happenings, or even dabble in real estate market matters. Experienced photog? That scores you extra points. We're looking for 5-10 posts per week, M-F. Oh, and while we celebrate the at-home office, please be based in Chicago.

Interested? Just send an email to with a paragraph about yourself, a paragraph about why you'd like the job, and anything else you think would grab our interest (past writing experience, perhaps?). If we're into it, we'll respond quickly with more details. No resumes, please. Thank you!