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Cutesy Lincoln Park Coach House Hides From Halsted Traffic

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The trendier reaches of Halsted Avenue, between North and Fullerton, include many handsome small apt/condo buildings and quaint older residences. The stretch would not, however, be characterized as "amazingly private". When buffered by vintage three-flats, that environment becomes possible. Thus, we have this darling coach house property: three revamped levels with three beds and two baths. Don't fret, it's large enough to accommodate both formal dining and informal lounging needs. Plus, the finished basement can easily serve as a guest suite. One should take pause whenever "numerous windows" makes a home's billing, but that type of quality of life feature can wind up an afterthought when dealing with structures that are, themselves, afterthoughts. Selling pre-reno in 2006 for $220K, the present asking price is $559K.
·Listing: 1845 N Halsted St. Unit B [@properties]