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Bonkers Timber Manse With Taxidermied Denizens Asks $2M

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What the hell. We'd call this a Cathedral of the Wilderness except that it took serious incursions into nature just to build and decorate this 20,000-square-foot timber mansion in the Southwest 'burb of Orland Park. The listing for this beastly apparition claims the sellers spent $4M building the place. The home was listed in 2010-11 for as high as $2.5M, but it's now shooting for just $2M. Talk about a crash! The fact that it "exudes character & drama and is rich in detail" is a gross understatement. Nothing prepares you for the instant bewilderment brought on by the grand foyer and 36-foot-high stuffed bear-adorned great room. Much of the wood is apparently derived from a vintage barn. While this is the unequivocal centerpiece, the catacomb-like kitchen and dining room also throw down with stone walls and doorways. The only non-controversial component is the "backyard paradise" with pool, waterfall, and sculpted yard. Just move to the Pacific Northwest already!
·Listing: 42 Silo Ridge Road, Orland Park [Realty Executives Elite]