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Carlyle Condo w/ Brash Patterning, Marble Floors Gets $1.45M

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A high-floor corner unit at The Carlyle has just sold for $1.45M. Tons of Italian marble with oak inlays, custom wood-paneled library, carved moldings, and designer-y touches throughout the 3/4.5 condo failed to anchor the asking price at $1.89M. It's hard to know if the varied and very busy wallpapers worked against the listing or if it just asked too much in the first place. The owner's design choices, gutsy though they are, have proved more resilient than these midcentury missteps a dozen floors below. The kitchen looks like it could use some upgrades, and the split-personality master bedroom is, well, a split-decision. We're thinking this place could've fetched more as a clean, featureless space considering a rebuilt and identically-sized unit one floor up sold last summer for $1.75M. Not that we'd ever condone erasing such character.
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