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Nab This Two-Bed in an Unsung Modernist Gem For $290K

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Wanna get in on the ground floor at an important Midcentury Modern building? You could go the Marina City route, but those floor plans irk many would-be buyers. Plus, you'll get more bang for your buck at Lakeview's 320 W Oakdale. The 1955 work of architect Milton Schwartz originally aimed for a cylindrical form, but financiers had more trust in rectangles. And it does rectangles very well, enhanced by overhanging concrete floor slabs and horizontal bands of windows. This 6th floor 2/2 unit costs just over one-third the price of the 2/2 penthouse unit previously wed to Schwartz himself. It has a pleasing openness, large common areas and bedrooms, newer appliances, and—gather yourself—modern carpeting. New-to-market with an asking price of $290K, the unit last sold 10 years ago for $224K. Monthly assessments are $985 but include cable, utilities, and insurance.
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