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Painted Lady w/ Broad Porch, Vaulted Ceilings Asks $825K

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A fine 6-bed Victorian returned to market this week in Lakewood-Balmoral. The 110-year-old fully restored house listed for year in 2010-11 at a starting price of $1.025M. Ambitions have been somewhat curtailed, as the place now asks $825K. The home's square footage is unspecified, but the "large flowing rooms", four-and-a-half baths, and full-floor master attest to decent breathing room. Other selling points include a finished basement, library, vaulted ceilings, skylights, stained glass, deck, yard, and wrap-around porch. An enclave of large homes pinned between Andersonville shopping/dining and the lake, it's no wonder Lakewood-Balmoral is and has been so coveted.
·Listing: 5340 N Lakewood Ave. [@properties]