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Noble Square Duplex Rocks Cool Pastel Tones, Asks $290K

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This two-bed duplex, wedged into the tapering residential blocks between Ashland and The Kennedy, just makes it into the under $300K club with a new-to-market ask of $289,900. The newly refinished Noble Square home has a top-floor master suite with vaulted ceilings and skylights, two marble and granite baths, refinished hardwoods, and a balcony. There's also a newer steel & granite galley kitchen. The neutral/cool pastel tones give this pad a DIY aura; this is the moment you've been waiting for—your chance to go all out on kitschy Pinterest projects. The older structure was gutted and reborn as condos several years ago and this unit first sold in 2007 for $323K, $34K above the current list price.
·Listing: 1510 N Greenview Ave. #3R [RpV Realty]

—Zachary Hyman