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Revisiting Curbed University for a New Year & New Readers

Chicago is a living, breathing beast of a city and one of its engines is real estate— private and personal, corporate and impersonal. Fluctuations in both markets matter to us all, but it's the basic tools for navigation of home buying/selling and renting that we all seek out at one point or another. For those new to the area, new to Curbed, or for long-timers exploring the real estate world, we've compiled Curbed U, a handy go-to guide full of insider tips, resources, and non-boring advice. It began last spring with advice on the home search and selecting a realtor and neighborhood, and migrated toward more nuanced entries on home inspections, mortgages, pest control, the moving ordeal, and more. To further the comprehensiveness of Curbed U, we'll be rolling out fresh content throughout March, including Q&A "Open Thread" sessions with Chicago experts on Fridays. Prepare to be schooled.
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