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Duplexed Potter Palmer-Built Mansion Now Asking $3.75M

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The Greystone at 33 E Division is one of several Gold Coast mansions built by Marshall Field & Company co-founder and real estate baron Potter Palmer. The address, divided into a pair of duplexes, went up for sale in its entirety last Spring. The $4.5M ask proved unappetizing over an 11 month listing period, so the owner pushed the reset button and the 6,000-square-foot, five-level home is now available for $3.75M. Built in 1891, the duplex-down doesn't match too well with the duplex-up. The listing agent elected to lean on the upper-floor pics exclusively (see a handful of lower-floor pics here). Thankfully, the floor plans give a fair sense of layout. Entry is either through a garden-level front door or attached garage. The duplex-down has two beds and the duplex-up has three. And the top floors are completely renovated and refinished, enhanced by a front balcony and large roof deck. The agent insists conversion to a single-fam is an easy undertaking, and also that space exists for elevator installation. No one gets to own the actual Potter Palmer mansion, but this ain't a bad fallback.
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