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Florian Architects' Quadro-plex is Fresh Look at the Duplex

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The folks at Florian Architects wanted Curbed to know about their prototype design for the "Quadro-plex", defined as a set of four duplexes built on a double lot. According to promo materials, the Quadro will feature "L-shaped units that interlock horizontally and vertically," built around "50-foot exposures and double-height spaces allowing more natural light into the interior." Elements of traditional multi-unit living are transferred in the design via communal amenity spaces like rec rooms, fitness rooms, multi-media rooms, and/or office space. Florian also touts the inherent cost efficiency and ecological benefits of shared facilities. And such open interaction between units lends itself to multi-generational housing. Since the Quadro will basically be built to the property line, outdoor space will consist of garage- and roof-top decks and front gardens. The aesthetics aren't all that new (take a stroll around West Town or Wicker Park), but the configuration purports to be. Curbed reached out to Florian for further comment, but they've yet to respond.
·Florian Architects [Official]