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A Final Check-In With 500 North Lake Shore Drive

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With occupancy mere months away, we cruised to Steeterville for some shots of Lake Shore Drive's newest addition, 500 N. LSD. The glassy, 500-unit apartment tower climbs nearly 500 feet above the lakefront. While the final product matches up fairly well with renderings, the facade's articulation isn't quite as dramatic as promised, particularly on the north and west sides. The ten-story parking podium partially atones for its sins with transparent street-level retail along Grand and Peshtigo (no word yet on possible tenants). Residences in the $160M luxury building range from studios to two-beds with access to plenty of high-end amenities, including private club rooms, a cinema room, and a lap-length pool, all on the 12th floor. Enjoy the shots!
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500 North Lake Shore Drive

500 North Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60611