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Early Childhood Center Nearing Completion in Hyde Park

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The U of C Lab Schools' new Early Childhood Center, named Earl Shapiro Hall, appears on track for a September 2013 opening. The cantilevered structure, designed by Valerio Dewalt Train, broke ground in fall 2011 and represents the partitioning of lower and upper grades— the older students are staying behind on the existing campus. U of C wanted to dissolve some of the physical constraints to early learning, and so put an impetus on open spaces, free movements, and outdoor access. The result is seen in assets like the green roof, courtyard, high ceilings, large windows, and park, museum, and lake views. The school will serve preschoolers through second-graders. One lot to the south, Whealer Kearns has designed a low-slung childcare center as another component of the Early Childhood Campus. That also has a targeted fall completion.
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