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1915 Bungalow Blitzed By Modern Chef's Kitchen Asks $599K

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It's the small stuff that counts with the classic Chicago bungalow. You're not going to find many radical overhauls of this valued working-class stock, particularly in outlying neighborhoods. Ravenswood Manor isn't so far-flung, and despite the ghost of Rod Blagojevich haunting these streets, home values are pretty high. A sizable early-generation bungalow with prized original interior details is on the market a half-block from the Blago family home. Virtually indistinguishable from other bungalows on the block, the four-bed's modern kitchen with exposed brick and glass block window is the major surprise. The remaining spaces deal out vintage crown molding and ornament, restored light fixtures, hardwood floors, a sunroom, and a finished basement. And there's a lovely yard, to boot. The ask: $599K.
·Listing: 4443 N Richmond St. [Koenig & Strey]