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Prairie Style Foursquare by E.E. Roberts Lists for $879K

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If there's one architect who encapsulates Oak Park better than Frank Lloyd Wright, it's fellow Prairie Style practitioner Eben Ezra Roberts (or just E.E. Roberts). The architect built what was in demand, bouncing from one style to the next, but he loosely adhered to the Prairie School for much of his Oak Park work— some 200 homes. On the market for the first time since a 1998 foreclosure, this large looker on popular Forest Ave (just around the bend from the Wright home and studio) is well-preserved inside and out. Art glass, original woodwork, large fireplaces, and doorways with a dose of Arabic influence abound on the first level. But the upper floors are devoid of such flair, with spare bedrooms providing that ever-popular cloistered feel. The kitchen also feels left behind. A finished basement doesn't match too well either, but has an attraction nonetheless. Measuring just shy of 4,000 square feet, the 1904 home has six beds and four-and-a-half baths. The ask: $879K.
·Listing: 415 Forest Ave. [Better Homes & Gardens Gloor Realty]