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Pair of Restored Alta Vista Terrace Row Homes Sell Near Ask

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There was a span at the middle of last year where historic and singular Alta Vista row homes were flocking to market, and so it's fitting that they'd sell in bunches too. In the last week, two members of the distinctive London-style row built by Samuel Eberly Gross in 1903-04 sold for prices not far below initial ask: 3818 N Alta Vista for $835K, and 3800 for $620K. Each is renovated and restored, 3818 to a slightly higher standard. That, its slightly greater square footage, and a mid-block positioning, brought the higher price. But 3800 is no slouch, presenting vintage built-ins, chandeliers, dark hardwoods, and a large kitchen. And while you're not out of earshot of Wrigley on this otherworldly block, it's not probably not a chief concern. Dying for one of the 40 homes? You'll have to wait for another owner to get the itch.
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